Granada Hills AS (Ayush Saha)

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Hi everybody! My name is Ayush and I debated for Granada Hills Charter for 3 years. I did circuit for 1 year and I want to give back to the community. I was mainly a phil and tricks debater and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Here is some of the stuff I read!

I will post all my stuff when the season ends. There is a bunch of juicy stuff in here.

Subjective Idealism_NC This was my trap card. Perry from AHP cut the original version of this NC but I added the Ellis evidence and made it a bit shorter. Nobody knew how to respond to it because the phil is so obscure lmao(maybe cause I'm on the west coast). This NC lost only once and it wasn't even because of the NC so it's super powerful. I love the NC because you can read it against literally anything. LARP aff? yup. Kant? yup. Non topical K-aff? yup. As long as the aff assumes materialism, the NC can shred it. Make sure you can explain it well cause it can be pretty confusing. I wrote the overview to the NC, BUT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you rewrite the overview so that you understand it better.