Common Theory Shells

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We could make little headers for each shell and a broad description under the big boy titles (like what disclosure is)

Disclosure/Wiki Theory

Hyperlink to community norms

Wiki Disclosure

Must Open Source

Cite Boxes

Round Reports

Tournament Names? Lol

Before Round Disclosure

New Affs Bad

Must Disclose at Flip

Evidence Ethics

Hyperlink to community norms


Hyperlink to non-t affs/plans which should be under K and Policy

!!! make this a diff page


Plan Affs



Summary of what spec is

Topic Spec


Word Spec

(spec word in the res like private entities)


Other Spec

Counterplan/Status/Fiat Theory

Status Theory

Condo dispo multiplank etc

Counterplan Theory

Fiat Theory

Kritik Theory

Colt Peacemaker

Phil Theory