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Hi! My name is Ben Waldman, and I'm a sophomore at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland (Class of 2021). I'm probably going to recycle a lot of stuff from this year, so most of my frontlines and frameworks are omitted. I read a lot of stuff this year, from Virilio (see Grant Brown's CD for the inspiration) to Utilz to Spec, but I'm only planning to upload a few of my favorite topic-specific positions from JF19. If you want something else you saw on my wiki or know I read, please e-mail me at bmwaldman0918 [at] gmail [dot] com.

I opensourced on JF19




AC - Niger JF19 CD.docx (TOC r4 v LHP SS)

AC - Uganda JF19 CD.docx (Harvard r5 v Princeton VC, Harvard Triples v Charlotte Catholic DE, Penn RR r5 v Cambridge Rindge and Latin AG)


DA - Saudi Ptx CD.docx (Penn RR r1 v Scarsdale SB, Penn RR r4 v Hunter MN, TOC r5 v Millburn KW)

CP - State Department CD.docx (TOC r2 v Harvard Westlake JG)