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Rawls is another political framework for governments to use to build the most ideal society. Rawls says governments should act from the original position (equivalently known as the veil of ignorance). In the original position, actions should be evaluated without respect to one's own perspective in society. That is, imagine how a particular policy would apply to people within that society without any knowledge of their race, gender, income, location, time, or any other identifiable aspects. For instance, if one was wealthy, making a policy action that only benefitted wealthy people would not be useful because in the original position, one would not have an income upon which to base their decisions. More succinctly, in the original position, one should consider the effects that their action would have on the overall structure of society without regard to the particular position that one may have in that society.

This framework, however, is commonly viewed as quite consequentialist, which makes it susceptible to many types of arguments that would function under a utilitarianism framework, which makes it much less strategic since winning your framework would not necessarily exclude your opponent's arguments. After all, an extinction level impact would cause problems for every person in society.


The Veil of Ignorance in Rawlsian Theory

Sample Cases

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