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Nietzsche's philosophy is seen as the bridge between classical and post-modern philosophy. Its characterized by several key concepts. He introduced the notion of the "will to power," suggesting that a fundamental drive to assert power and potential underlies all living beings. He proposed the idea of "eternal recurrence," wherein the universe and all its events repeat infinitely, challenging individuals to embrace life fully. Nietzsche introduced the "√úbermensch" (Overman or Superman), symbolizing the individual who transcends societal norms and creates their own values. He differentiated "master morality" associated with nobility from "slave morality" rooted in resentment and weakness. Nietzsche is renowned for proclaiming the "death of God," critiquing traditional religious values and their suppression of individual potential. He endorsed "perspectivism," highlighting the multiplicity of perspectives in the absence of objective truth. He introduced the concepts of the Dionysian (chaos, emotion) and Apollonian (order, reason), arguing that great culture arises from their interplay. Lastly, he explored the idea of the "eternal return of the same," challenging individuals to live as if they would relive each moment repeatedly.


Will to Power:

Ubermensch (Overman or Superman)

Eternal Recurrence

Master-Slave Morality

God is Dead:


Dionysian and Apollonian

The Eternal Return of the Same




  • Nietzsche is not commonly run-when it is, its usually done as a nihilism K
  • Nietzsche is run on the neg. The links usually include morality, justice, or betterment of the world, the impact is nihilism, and the alt is eternal return/recurrence