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Lynbrook KD (Keshav Dandu)

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Hey, my name is Keshav and I debated for Lynbrook on the circuit for 3 years graduating in 2021. I read everything that was not util-based for the most part, prior to senior year I basically only read the K, during senior year I transitioned to rely on Phil more and was most comfortable with theory 2ARs/2NRs. I still read a couple of K positions but it was less of my focus. I have omitted the majority of frontlines since I think the majority I never used or they were cut by others and I am not super sure I should just put out that prep. I have no 2NR prep on NCs or theory shells, I usually figured out the stuff in round specifically to the 1AR.

I primarily worked with Chris Wang, Perry Beckett, Kumail Zaidi, Holden Bukowsky, and Michael Harris at the latter end of my career and some positions might have cards they cut.

I have not gotten around to formatting all of my files and what not but below I've put a list of what I plan to post, if you get to this page before I post a position you can text me on messenger and I can get the file ready for you.

Junior Year janfeb

Agamben AC - Decent topical K aff, could be a lot better with some work.


Kant NC - Chris wrote this after CPS, its basically an essay but it did fairly well. I believe this was also the groundwork for T-Kant

Kant NC 1920.docx

Baudrillard K - The K Chris won Cal 2017 on, most add ons were broken last year or earlier and this was the first K I was comfortable giving a 2NR on.

.Baudrillard K 1920.docx

Senior Year Septoct

Plato AC - Main aff for SeptOct did decent and had a pretty cool idea in general. -- All aff rounds at Loyola, Bronx and Meadows except Loyola R6 and Meadows R6

Plato AC SO20.docx

Puar AC - Genealogy based topical k aff, broke it one time with like no 1AR stuff ready, picked up and was really cool. Meadows R6

Puar Genealogy AC SO20.docx

Genealogy K - Pretty cool narratives k about how compulsory voting is a ruse. Loyola R4, R5, Meadows R4

Genealogy K SO20.docx

Moral Patients NC - repost of Perry's with a handful of small adjustments to analytics Bronx R5, Meadows R1, Alta R1, Apple Valley R6, Stanford R5, Heart of Texas R3, Emory R3

Moral Patients NC SO20.docx


Critical Fabulation AC

Hegel AC

Anzaldua AC

Baudrillard AC - Edited version of Kumail and Ronak's Serious Gaming AC

Cap K

Hawaiian genealogy K

Imperfect duties NC

skep NC

panpsychism NC- built off of Perry's, the main changes are the wording of the analytics

Warren pic


Antechronology AC

Panpsychism AC

Puar AC

Queer fabulation AC

critical fabulation AC

Sartre AC

Pettit NC (unbroken)

Sartre NC

plato NC - Same card as Perry's with some different analytics

Puar K

Ontopower K

Baudrillard K

Unicj PIC

Theory positions

rotb spec

impx justified bad

must provide urls