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Hi! I'm Breigh (she/her), I debated in LD for four years, acquired 6 career bids, qualified to the TOC twice, and broke to elimination rounds my senior year.

      • THIS SITE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS !!! i anticipate finishing it before nsd '21 but no promises. . . in the meantime, pm me if you need docs or anything. ty!

As a debater, I varied my style a lot but concentrated on high theory/postmodern kritiks, theory, and topicality. I also dabbled in phil/tricks but rarely read policy positions. I open-sourced everything from my junior and senior years. You can find those wikis here: Senior-Aff; Senior-Neg; Junior-Aff; Junior-Neg.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions about these positions/are looking for a book or article/need advice on getting into any literature bases.

Last thing! If you're a woman or gender minority looking for more resources, I can't recommend W.in Debate enough. It's a 1:1 peer mentorship program looking to increase retention rates and build a supportive network for women and gender minorities in debate.

JF21—Resolved: States ought to ban lethal autonomous weapons.

Aff: Affect Theory/Deleuze Aff

Glissant Aff

Virilio Aff

Neg: Spec and Topicality File

Baudrillard K

Weheliye K