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Hello friends! Okay, brief introduction, I'm Jada, I debated in North Texas on the TOC and TFA circuit for 2.5 years. I did pretty okay for the minimal resources I had as a debater and circuit debater definitely attributed to that. I am really happy that a new Circuit debater was created and that its no longer exclusively for TOC participants, because although qualifying to the TOC is a major accomplishment, it in no way is the end all be all to if someone was a good debater or not. I think this is especially true in the context of something like circuit debater, where kids go to find new arguments, considering the TOC under-represents many groups of people. That is why I feel so compelled to have a page here. Although I was not the most successful debater, I represent a section of the community that basically seizes to exist, so for all of the kids who were like me- this page is for you.

I am a black woman....go ahead and take a guess and what I read... so that is primarily what will be uploaded here. HOWEVER, just because you are not of the same identity as me does not mean you can't learn anything from how these positions were constructed.

Wiki: Didn't open source anything that is not already on here but taking a look at it might be amusing to you or give you a better understanding of the debater I was/how I utilized what I read (this is my senior year wiki, my junior year wiki is nasty, I wouldn't look at that). I always tried to do round reports sooo that's a thing.

SEP/OCT 2018-2019: Reporters

Black Surveillance Aff.docx

NOV/DEC 2018-2019: Right to know

Homespaces AC- Flash.docx

Ode to the Only Black Kid at The Tournament - UT Trips.docx

JAN/FEB 2018-2019: Military Aid

Black Fem Killjoy- Flash.docx

JF19- We Want Wakanda (Afro-Futurism AC).docx

MAR/APR 2018-2019: ahaha...the problematic drug use topic

AC- Blasphemous Black.docx

A couple of things-

1. Some of these positions include my narrative, please don't recycle that. That's probably a given though.

2. If/When taking cards from the aff, I highly recommend re-cutting them. I had a bad tendency to over underline/highlight. Also, the arguments won't make a whole bunch of sense if you don't read where they're from.

3. Care about these positions for their message first before you just copy and paste the card you were looking for.

4.Do not be afraid to hmu if you have any questions about these positions or want to know about resources that could be available to you as a marginalized debater, I would love to be of assistance- [email protected]