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hey, i'm megan! i debated for interlake (in washington state) from 2015-2019, and debated on the circuit for 2.5 years. i took the most pride in cutting new frameworks and developing t/theory positions, so here are my favorite positions i wrote over the years. if you are a small school/independent debater and have questions about debating without institutional support/any position i have up here, feel free to reach out on facebook.

thanks also to alisa, xave, and kris for invaluable help and guidance throughout my career & with many of these arguments.

aff cases[edit]

posting these mostly because i'm proud of the frameworks i cut--i don't expect the topical offense to be very useful! i always put a lot of work into cutting aff cases, insisted on cutting my own affs, and cared a lot about their frameworks. in chronological order:

CD AC - Sen (Alta 2017).docx

  • sen fw about evaluative spaces.
  • especially proud of the positive feedback loop argument in c3.
  • this is the aff that got me my first w30 in a circuit round, so it holds a special place in my heart :)
  • i also think that womens' education is super important and a really worthwhile cause w/ respect to solving virtually every global issue, like political stability/curing diseases/fighting climate change!

CD AC - Rousseau (JF18).docx

  • used this framework a LOT throughout my years on the circuit--it's alisa's.
  • something to note is that we made sure to diversify the contention offense so that we could develop multiple sources of offense versus any neg strat that was read, which is something important to consider when constructing phil affs.

CD AC - Benhabib (SO18).docx

  • huge fan of seyla benhabib's work & in my opinion, there's virtually no philosopher who gets more right than she does
  • thanks to john for help with the plan and contention offense.

CD AC - Butler (JF19).docx

  • the aff i read for all of jan-feb, except the toc.
  • i cut a util version of this aff too and read it intermittently, but i'm prouder of the butler framework and enjoyed defending it more.

CD AC - Markovits (JF19).docx

  • cut a new aff for toc--i wanted to read a deontological aff because i'd somehow never done that, but wanted to write a new framework
  • my internship prof. and i had talked about nomy arpaly's book and i found julia markovits through researching kantian applications of nomy arpaly's work on praiseworthiness/motivational internalism.
  • i think it's very cool that the authors in the framework are all women philosophers with innovative, modern rereadings of kant!!
misc. things[edit]

CD T - Nebel.docx

  • my nebel t shell and 2nrs on fairness, education, and semantics (used basically every 2nr on jan-feb).
  • you should rewrite everything to internalize the arguments--only use the file to familiarize yourself with the structure of a 2nr on t and/or for drills.
  • especially proud of incorporating schapiro into the semantics standard :)

CD AT Nebel (SO18).docx

  • answers to nebel specific to my septoct benhabib aff.
  • particularly proud of the link turn to limits and incorporation of framework debate into the second standard of the ci :)

CD AT Westview RS Benhabib FW.docx

  • got bored one day and wrote a theoretical response to rohith's benhabib fw.

CD K - Bierria.docx

  • thanks to prof. marshall for inviting me to see prof. bierria speak! & thanks to prof. bierria for a fantastic talk.
  • interacts well with kantian positions & bierria's theory of power has strong overlap with butler--i think this could definitely be used as a perm card that explains the interaction between butler & a race k.

CD PIC - White House (SO18).docx

  • white house pic on reporters topic
  • not really re-useable--but should be an okay example of what a pic is, what my frontlines looked like, and how i extended pics in the 2nr.
  • thanks to john for helping w/ this one too!

CD Th - Must Spec Court Ruling (SO18 vs HWL).docx

  • kris' idea, but i wrote this shell and read it against harvard westlake's scotus aff in septoct senior year.
  • the general idea is that if affs spec scotus, they should spec the reasoning that justices use because the *actual* consequences of judicial rulings come from the reasoning & language used in courts' decisions.