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Support the Website

The servers to host the website costs approximately $8 a month, or $96 a year. The domain costs an additional $12 a year, adding up to $108 per year. As I have been paying for the website by myself so far, I would appreciate any support anybody could give. All additional funds will go to support the website in future years.

Circuit Debater LD

Welcome to Circuit Debater, a resource where LD debaters, not limited to TOC participants, can post resources for less experienced debaters to learn from.

Click here for a list of debaters organized by date added.

Click here for a list of debaters organized by TOC attendance.

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Click here to create your own debater page. For more info, see the guide on how to create a page.

You are encouraged to make an account if you edit the wiki.


Looking for Circuitdebater PF? See

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  • If you are a debater whose page was on the old circuitdebater and you want to edit your page, please message Zachary Siegel because by default the wiki won't let you edit it.

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